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Social Media Marketing

Managed by Yann Lebout


  • Social Media Strategy
  • Conversation Strategy
  • Social by Design Activation Plan
  • Conversation Management
  • Reporting
  • Monitoring
  • Audit & Benchmark
  • Website socialisation
  • Social media seeding
  • Coaching & courses
  • E-Reputation

In short

Social media have revolutionised the relationship between brands and digital consumers. Emakina/Social will accompany you through to successful socialisation of your brand – in line with the expectations and behaviour of these new consumers.

Client needs

Social media are growing up alongside a new generation of consumers. Those named 'homo digitalis' do not merely share their brand experiences, but also confront the brands head on, using social media.

These people are online ever more often and expect continuous and constructive reactions from their brands. Meeting these expectations is not easy: it takes time and organisation, and it also means defining an authentic mode of communication.

To enable you to meet this challenge without falling headlong into a frustrating experience with social media, Emakina/Social offers several types of customised support, from complete responsibility for your social media presence, to support in your strategic positioning and coaching which allows you gradually to take the reins.

Our solution

We help you define a digital engagement strategy that reflects the values of your business, creates a brand experience, and supports your business objectives: we call this 'social by design'.

Our monitoring of social media will help you understand your brand’s reputation, and that of your competitors, while taking stock of your consumers’ expectations.

Our tools for managing interactions will help you engage with those who turn to you and keep track of the relationship in an integrated manner.

Our coaching workshops will help you refine your conversational skills and techniques, to deepen the relationship with the community of consumers engaging with your brand.

Our training provides the opportunity to develop your skills by gently immersing yourselves in the conversational logic of social media.

Our creative proposals and our digital activation provide the finishing touches to your presence, while our reporting allows you to measure the impact of your social media activity, in terms of campaigns or conversational programmes.

As a Facebook Development Partner since 2011, we conceive and develop social applications.


Our approach guarantees not only immediate but also long term results. Our initial response may be to improve your brand's position in social media but also your longer term reputation. Our training and coaching programmes also offer a practical solution that will demonstrate its effect in the long term, while offering your team autonomy and the opportunity to develop the skills they need by gradually immersing themselves in the conversational logic of social media.

The Proof

Among our recent projects, our favourites have been creating a social presence for Estée Lauder and Clinique, two brands that chose Emakina to define their consumer engagement strategy.

We’ve developed several Facebook applications to promote their flagship products and create their communities, as well as recruiting their online fans in the region.

We also manage the daily animation of Yunomi's Facebook and Twitter communities (Unilever’s brand platform) while supporting other brands such as Audi, Samsung, Delhaize Group, Electrabel, Dove, Becel and Magnum.

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